Customer service update

Hi everyone!

I'm not usually the one who does blog posts. I don't usually put myself in front of Mina & Alpcan but I think the time is right for me to introduce myself.

My name is Peter and I wrangle the website, our internal IT systems (the paperless office doesn't manage itself!) and facilities management between the cafe and the bakehouse.

I'm also Mina's husband and father to our brood of rambunctious little humans that variously assist in the kitchen or occupy the bench seat just outside while drinking their way through our stock of soft drinks and eating anything not ACTUALLY nailed down.

You may have seen on our other socials some of our personal challenges we've had in 2023 and a major casualty has been our customer service contact. We're extremely grateful to all our patrons helping keep the lights on through buying and through the GoFundMe, but we know that part of keeping that trust is that you feel heard.

We have this week implemented a new customer service management platform which is making responding to customer service requests much easier and faster to respond to (and ultimately not lose track of).

Thank you all for your patience and your custom and we hope our very slow responding to emails doesn't put you off your cake for much longer.