Dizzying Speed

By Samantha

Things are moving at a dizzying speed at Wildcraft Bakery at the moment.  Sometimes I feel like my brain will explode. Having Asperger’s syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder means I find change difficult to handle and adapt to. I need time to process new information.

So far this month, we have bought two new ovens, a new doughnut fryer, a new giant fridge and a new dough proving machine. We have had two new members of staff, including a new head baker to replace Mina whilst she goes on maternity leave from May. We have 1600 new followers on facebook since February, and lots more customers walking through the big blue door every day. We have several new wholesale customers including Out of this world, who seem to be feeding the entire vegan population of Leeds with our cakes!

Now we are in the early stages of planning and implementing our mail order service which has been requested by gluten free people throughout the UK including the Channel Islands, the Highlands, Northern Ireland, London (LONDON!!) and even throughout the world. Can we post to San Francisco? I’m not sure the doughnuts would survive. We are also writing our new website which will enable customers to order more easily, and painting and decorating a new shop within the bakery.

Coming up we have a series of vegan and gluten free events, awards ceremonies, a tv programme, and I have to navigate all this temporarily without Mina by my side.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I know I’m going to enjoy the destination, and I’m really trying to enjoy the ride and not just cling on for dear life. So why would someone like me put themselves into the position of running a business?! Because when I met Mina I immediately recognised her amazing ability to fly by the seat of her pants, to think on her feet, to see the big picture, to create magic where others couldn’t begin to imagine it. And I also saw what she didn’t have that I could offer her. Organisation, planning, attention to detail and spreadsheets. Together we are a pretty formidable team. So bear with me while I’m flying solo, it’s a bit scary and way out of my comfort zone but I’ll do my best to keep this ship afloat, we can’t deprive good people of their doughnuts!