Sweet Tooth

By Samantha

I know you’re not going to believe this, but I’m not a big fan of cake. I actually don’t have a sweet tooth. Give me a pie, samosa or chips over a pudding any day. As a kid, I had a bird-like appetite, and although my mum always made a ‘proper’ pudding with every evening meal, by the time I had finished my main I was too full to eat it so I guess I never got into the habit.

I think working in the bakery has actually turned me off sweet stuff even more. Every batch of icing has to be tested, every cake mixture checked. It’s a dentists worst nightmare. So given I can happily leave a cookie jar alone, and boxes of chocolates remain uneaten months after Christmas, when Mina suggested making doughnuts for the bakery, something in me surprisingly stirred. Pillowy balls of doughy yumminess. Deep fried. Mmmmm.

And Mina being Mina, they were spectacular. It took less than a week before the world realised it too. The doughnut phenomenon has taken us somewhat by storm. People have been sitting outside the bakery in their cars on a Saturday morning, waiting for 10am opening time. Until a sneaky person decides to make a break for it at 5 to, and suddenly they all descend, making sure they don’t miss out on any of the flavours. Every week we make more than the week before, and every week we have sold out by lunchtime. I’m glad I got to try them when I did, because there haven’t been any leftovers for weeks. One day, we will have daily doughnuts, but for now, we brace ourselves on Saturday mornings and hope we don’t get trampled!