Christmas Mystery Box

Christmas Mystery Box

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Today we got an email from DPD saying that any parcels that were not dispatched before the 19th would not arrive before Christmas. So I have had to shut down orders at the one time of the year that demand for our products is at its highest and it's absolutely heartbreaking!

I keep thinking about all the biscuits and mince pies and delicious treats that we have spent weeks lovingly preparing by hand in anticipation of fulfilling all the orders we had the capacity to dispatch. All the nuts and butter and eggs and flour that have gone into every pack that we now no longer have an outlet for. We simply don't have the capacity to bake up any more bread, rolls, doughnuts, panetonne, stollen or anything else that everyone would like to order along with the long shelf-life things we have already baked. And with the year we've had, we just can't afford to lose all the money that has gone into baking all these products.

The good news for you is that because these products are already baked, we can meet DPD's deadline for dispatching more orders provided that they contain just the products we already have in stock. And DPD have told us that parcels that are dispatched on or before Monday the 19th should be delivered before Christmas. So the mystery boxes are back! 

Your boxes will contain a bag of our gorgeous Wildcraft Blend of Ground Coffee plus a selection from the following list:


Cookie bars

Cookie Cups

Packs of our German Christmas biscuits

Biscuits for cheese

Large cookies

Packs of 3 Mince pie parcels

Whoopie Pies

Cheese Straws


While each box will be slightly different, we can guarantee that each one will contain around £40 worth of our delicious treats for just £35 including postage! An example of a box that you may receive contains:

1 pack of mince pie parcels (£5.75)

3 large cookies (£2.50 each)

2 packs of German Christmas Biscuits (£4.95 each)

A twinpack of Whoopie Pies (£7.50)

A bag of our coffee (currently on Sale for £8.50 reduced from £10)

A piece of our scrummy Brownies or Cookie Dough Bars (£3.95 each)

This comes to £41.60 worth of treats for just £35 including postage!


Please note that the stock of these boxes is limited to guarantee that we can get them posted as quickly as possible. There's no limit on the number of boxes that each person can buy but the stock is not yours until you have completed the checkout process. We can't promise exactly what you'll get in your box, but everything will be individually labelled with full product information and ingredient lists so you will know exactly what you've got in your box when you receive it. The majority of the products are dairy free or vegan but given the time frame we're dealing with, I'm really sorry but we can't accommodate requests for specific dietary requirements. DPD have assured us that all parcels posted on or before the 19th should get delivered before Christmas. Please note however that if your parcel is delayed, Wildcraft will not be able to offer any refunds. This is because DPD have told us that no compensation will be available to any businesses who suffer losses as a result of their delays over the Christmas period. Normally they just refund us the postal charges when things go wrong with deliveries but even that has been taken off the table. The good news is that your order will consist of longer shelf-life products so even if there is a delay, they will still be lovely to eat.