White Bread Flour - 750g

White Bread Flour - 750g

Wildcraft Bakery
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If you've ever tried to bake your own gluten free bread at home, you'll know just how impossible a task we had set ourselves. But we refused to give up. Hundreds of failed experiments later (including at one point...bread that wouldn't toast no matter how long you left it in the toaster!) we cracked it! 

The ingredient list for the flour blend is simple. The magic is in the proportions! Each of these ingredients brought something new to the table and together, they became the Wildcraft Bakery White Bread Flour Blend that goes in everything from our cinnamon buns to our doughnuts and loaves. Now you can buy it to use at home for that freshly-baked warm bread experience we all crave!


Rice Flour · Tapioca · Potato Starch · Cornflour · Golden Linseed · Psyllium Husk · Xanthan Gum · Salt · Granulated Sugar


Please be aware: We are an allergy conscious bakery. Our premises is entirely free from gluten and peanuts. However, we do handle tree nuts, sesame, egg, milk, soya, (gluten free certified) oats, mustard and celery. Every care is taken to reduce the risk of contamination but our products may contain traces.


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Use within 12 months of receipt.