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  • BBC Good Food feature Wildcraft! The best gluten-free hampers to buy in 2021

    "It takes some clever alchemy to produce a gluten-free sourdough loaf that not only carries the smell and flavour of sourdough, but also the appearance, texture and crumb. Coeliac themselves, the owners of Wildcraft Bakery took on the challenge and have produced this artisan sourdough gluten-free hamper to help fellow gluten-free foodies bake this favourite at home." - Anya Gilbert, BBC Good Food 2021
  • Scoring & Baking Gluten Free Bread Rolls

    In our last tutorial, we talked about how to shape our gluten free dough into lovely Tear & Share loaves. In this tutorial, we're going to go  ...
  • Gluten Free Herby Tear & Share Loaf

    Learn how to make the most delicious gluten and dairy free Garlic Tear & Share loaf from scratch. Made with our amazing Sourdough Starter and Wildcraft White Bread Flour Blend. Follow our step-by-step video to guide you through the process and learn how to bake the most delicious bread you'll ever try!
  • How to bake Gluten Free Focaccia at home

    There's nothing quite like a freshly home-made loaf of bread. But until now, the closest thing for the gluten-challenged amongst us was buying one of Wildcraft's delicious loaves of bread or slices of focaccia. So we thought it was time to let everyone have a little bit more of that Wildcraft Magic!
  • The Ultimate Gluten Free Flour Blend?

    People always ask us what makes our bread so special. The real answer is that there isn't just one thing. It starts with our recipes. Every one of ...
  • Our Sprouted Buckwheat Sourdough

    By Samantha There are certain challenges with running a gluten free bakery. There have been times when we’ve been tempted by the idea of becoming a...